Collection: Multi-fuel Stoves

All our DEFRA approved multi-fuel stoves can burn seasoned and kiln-dried wood alongside smokeless coal, briquettes and other approved fuel. A DEFRA approved burner is a requirement if you wish to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. DEFRA approval only applies to the burning of wood, you can not burn house coal or anthracite on any DEFRA appliance however smokeless coal is fine.

Under the Clean Air Act, stoves have to pass tests to confirm that they are capable of burning authorised coal or other solid fuel, but can also cleanly burn seasoned or kiln-dried wood.

20 products
  • ACR Ashdale
    ACR Ashdale Multi Fuel Stove - Interstyle
  • Capital Bassington
    Bassington Multi-Fuel Stove - Interstyle
  • Portway Arundel
  • Portway Arundel XL
    Flavel Portway Arundel XL - Interstyle
  • Portway Dalton
    Flavel Portway Dalton - Interstyle
  • Portway Rochester 5
    Flavel Portway Rochester 5 - Interstyle
  • Portway Rochester 7
    Flavel Portway Rochester 7 - Interstyle
  • Stovax Chesterfield 5
  • Stovax County 5
    County 5 Wood Burning Stove & Multi-fuel Stove - Interstyle
  • Stovax Huntingdon 30
  • Stovax Sheraton 5
    Stovax Sheraton 5 Multi-fuel and Woodburning Stoves - Interstyle
  • Stovax Stockton 11